Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Website glitch after mix-up

Biased Banter

While the dreaded Y2K problem amounted to nothing, the start of the new financial year led to Bowls ACT's website crashing.

Bowls Australia has changed web hosts, with all the states and territories following suit, but an administrative error meant no longer existed.

In a temporary fix, the website changed address to At the time of writing it was unknown how long it would take for the original address to be up and running again.

Bowls ACT executive officer Kate Lyttle said a mix-up over who owned the domain name had occurred, with previous hosting company Sporting Pulse believing it did.


Once up and running, the new website would provide all clubs with free websites. For Lyttle's sanity, hopefully that's soon.

NZ trip on cards

A trip to New Zealand is on the drawing board for the South East Regional Academy of Sport lawn bowls team later in the year where they could play against Auckland and Queensland juniors. The squad recently held a two-day camp at Tathra Beach Bowling Club.

Jaime Locke, an ACT bowler at that camp, will play in next week's ACT junior championships at Tuggeranong Valley, starting from Tuesday. She won last year's junior girls pair's title with Kristen Steele. Sabrina George and Brad Thomas won the singles titles.
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