Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dunaden and Tres Blue race-day treatments spark inquiries

Craig Williams riding Dunaden.

Craig Williams riding Dunaden in 2012. Photo: Wayne Taylor

A former Melbourne Cup winner and an aspiring young stayer were both cleared to start in Tuesday's $6 million Melbourne Cup but not before some anxious moments from their trainers and connections.

Acting on advice from security guards posted on Dunaden and youngster Tres Blue on Monday night, racing Victoria stewards opened two enquiries.

Stewards were told by security staff that both horses had been treated on the morning of the race which contravenes the rule in Australian racing of any raceday treatment.

Trainer Gai Waterhouse, who prepares Tres Blue, explained to stewards that the strapper of the horse "inadvertently" applied some cream to the horse.


"We had been treating him for greasy heel all week and we just inadvertently treated him again in the morning before the race," Waterhouse said.

She said it was an unfortunate occurrence. Stewards allowed Tres Blue to start Waterhouse but will face issues in a later inquiry about matters surrounding race-day treatment.

French trainer Mikel Delzangles was also quizzed by stewards on how his veteran stayer Dunaden was treated with an anti-ulcer paste.

Delzangles said that he knew the rules following race day treatment and was deeply sorry for his strapper administering the paste.

A security guard told stewards that he'd warned the stablehand looking after Dunaden not to give the treatment but said he went ahead with it.

Chief veterinary surgeon Brian Stuart said that the cream used on Tres Blue and Dunaden were not prohibitive substances. However, the steward added that both were in the range of race-day treatment.

After Stuart's evidence, stewards allowed both horses to start in the cup. Adjourned enquiries into both incidences will resume later in the week.

Stewards have very broad discretionary powers when it comes to race-day treatment and because both treatments were not prohibited the horses remained in the race.

If found guilty, Delzangles and Waterhouse face fines from the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board.

Chief steward Terry Bailey could not comment as both cases are continuing.

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